Hold Back the Years on Your Smile With Effective Dental Care

You can keep your smile healthy as the years pass by practicing proper dental care every single day and avoiding harmful dental habits. If you are wondering how you can maintain your smile for a lifetime, we invite you to try these tips to hold back the years on your smile: – Use a shred-resistant… Read more »

If You Have a Question About Root Canal Therapy, We Can Provide the Answer

There may come a day when you need root canal therapy because of an injured or decayed tooth that has allowed the tooth pulp to become infected. An infected tooth that is left untreated can lead to the death of the pulp and eventual loss of the tooth. Many patients have questions about root canal… Read more »

A Pronounced Case of Tooth Enamel Attrition Might Require a Dental Crown

Even though tooth enamel is very hard, it can still be affected by certain things. While tooth decay and dental fractures are common causes of distressed tooth enamel, the alignment of your teeth could also play a factor. If two of your teeth are misaligned in their orientation and relationship to each other, it’s possible… Read more »

Protect Your Teeth from Decay by Noting Sensitivity

Have you found yourself to be one of the 20 percent or more of Americans suffering every day from dentin sensitivity? There are a couple things you can check to find out; if you are suspicious that your teeth are sensitive, please contact us immediately. You can identify whether you are hurting from tooth sensitivity… Read more »

Replacing Missing Teeth with Dental Implants and Bridges

Replacing Missing Teeth Although permanent teeth are meant to last for life, they can be lost because of an injury, advanced gum disease, or another issue. Are you missing one or more permanent teeth? Having the tooth or teeth replaced can not only enhance your appearance, it can restore your ability to speak and chew… Read more »

Dental Do’s and Don’ts

We all want to take care of our smiles, and that starts with what we eat. To make it easier, here are some clear-cut do’s and don’ts. Don’t: Brush Immediately After Eating:  It may seem counterintuitive, but brushing immediately after eating can cause damage to your enamel. Teeth are very sensitive to abrasions right after… Read more »

Flossing Prevents Gum Disease

The American Dental Association advises that we floss our teeth every evening after you after brushing our teeth. This helps clean away plaque buildup and food material acquired throughout the day so that your teeth will be clean for hours while you sleep. If plaque is not removed on a daily basis, the material may… Read more »

A Chipped Tooth Needs to Be Examined and Treated by a Dentist

Tooth enamel can sometimes be chipped by something as traumatic as an accidental blow to the face during sports, or something as banal as grinding your teeth when you sleep. Regardless of the initial cause, it’s still a good idea to have a chipped tooth examined by one of the dentists at . Left untreated… Read more »

A Loose Dental Bridge Can Cause Severe Complications

When Dr. originally installed your dental bridge bonded it to the anchoring abutments with a very strong dental adhesive. This is meant to replicate the natural strength of the roots of these teeth. With good oral hygiene habits, you can expect a dental bridge to last for many years. Unfortunately, there are rare instances when… Read more »

A Distressed Dental Filling Needs Professional Dental Care

While dental fillings are meant to repair a tooth for a very long time, they are not invulnerable to the passage of time and complications brought on by poor oral hygiene. This can weaken the original bond between the surrounding tooth enamel and the filling material. If you notice a change in texture, increased sensitivity,… Read more »