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When considering orthodontic care, many patients take their appearance into consideration, thinking about how they may look in public or among their peers when wearing an orthodontic appliance. As a result, orthodontic treatment with traditional metal braces or clear braces may not be a great match for patients that may be self-conscious about their appearance with traditional braces.

Here at Jupina Family Dentistry, we believe that every patient deserves the most personalized treatment possible. We offer alternative orthodontic treatment to traditional braces designed specifically for those who are concerned about the look of traditional braces.

How Do ClearCorrect Aligners Work?

While braces are typically made of stainless steel and sometimes a clear ceramic material, ClearCorrect Aligners are made from a durable, translucent plastic to achieve a more subtle appearance. The aligners are placed over the teeth like a form of covering, with the aligner laying flush against the surface of the teeth and allowing the natural color of your teeth show through the clear plastic. This makes the aligners appear practically invisible.

The way the aligners move the teeth is actually similar to braces, applying a small amount of directional pressure to the teeth in order to move them into their ideal position. However, instead of the one set of braces a patient wears throughout treatment, the aligners come in sets that are worn for about two weeks at a time. Once all the sets of aligners have been worn, the teeth will have a beautiful alignment. The number of aligners needed for treatment will vary depending on the patient.

The Advantages Of ClearCorrect

Compared to braces, ClearCorrect Aligners offer a number of advantages to patients so they can enjoy a more comfortable orthodontic treatment experience. The main benefits of Clear Correct Aligners include:

Discreet Appearance - the clear plastic construction of the aligners makes them practically invisible when worn, preventing others from noticing that the patient is wearing any kind of orthodontic appliance. The aligners are also fairly resistant to staining in addition to being switched out every two weeks, meaning that patients will never have to worry about the aligners becoming discolored if properly taken care of.

Removable For Freedom & Comfort - ClearCorrect Aligners are completely removable, unlike braces that are bonded directly to the teeth. While the aligners need to be worn for at least 22 hours each day, this still gives patients the freedom to take them off and enjoy their meals without having to worry about damaging the appliance. They can also be taken off for an easier time when brushing or flossing.

Easy To Clean - Caring for the aligners is a simple process, only requiring patients to remove the aligners and clear away any food particles or bacteria with a gentle brushing with a toothbrush and rinsing with warm water. For an even more thorough clean, patients can also drop the aligners into a denture cleaning solution.

Is ClearCorrect Right For You?

While ClearCorrect Aligners may be a better match for many patients, they are not right for everyone. To see if you are a candidate for the ClearCorrect program, schedule an appointment with Dr. Jupina for an initial consultation. During that visit, Dr. Jupina will closely examine your smile and see if ClearCorrect could be applicable for your personalized treatment plan.

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