When to Replace Your Veneers

As you may know, dental veneers are thin shells designed to erase small gaps, brighten teeth, and to enhance the appearance of smiles in general. If you would like to enhance the appearance of your smile, we recommend dental veneers: if you’ve already had veneers, we hope you are enjoying your smile. But, whether you… Read more »

Oral Care for Kids

Would you like to know if you’re doing everything you possibly can for your child’s smile? If so, we are happy to help you! If you do the following four things, you are on the right track: Bring your child in for their first visit It is strongly recommended that you bring your child into… Read more »

Should I Schedule A Dental Appointment?

We understand that visiting a dentist is an extremely important part of protecting your smile. But, do you know when you should visit your dentist? Clearly, if you have a sever toothache or crack a tooth, you should visit a dentist. But, what other events justify scheduling an appointment? Here are a few: Pregnancy: When… Read more »

Flossing: Why It’s Important for a Healthy Mouth

If you recently went into the dentist for a cleaning, you may have been advised to make flossing a more frequent part of your daily mouth cleaning regiment. This is more common than you think, nearly 80% of people who visit the dentist, will tell their dentist they don’t floss. Of course you’ve heard time… Read more »

12 Possible Causes Of Burning Mouth Syndrome

Burning mouth syndrome (BMS) is also known by the name glossodynia. This condition affects the oral tissues, which experience a burning, scalded sensation along with a change in taste or dryness. There is no known cause for burning mouth syndrome, but there are a few possible options. Primary Burning Mouth Syndrome BMS is often associated… Read more »

Alcohol And Oral Health

Alcohol consumption, especially when done frequently and in excess, can cause great harm to your body’s health. Alcohol also has a significant effect on the mouth, since that is what it passes through. Here are some of the oral health problems alcohol can cause. Tooth Decay: Alcohol is high in sugars and acids. The acids… Read more »