Preventing Damage to Your Traditional Wire and Bracket Braces

Your traditional wire and bracket braces represent a serious investment in realigning your teeth for an appealing smile that will last a lifetime. There are a few things to keep in mind to prevent damaging your braces. If they are damaged or something comes loose, it will most likely increase the total amount of time… Read more »

A Routine Dental Checkup Includes Oral Cancer Screening

While the heart of your routine dental checkup is focused on cleaning your teeth, polishing surface stains, detecting tooth decay and gum disease; it also includes a routine cancer screening. Early detection is absolutely critical for successful treatment of oral cancer. The American Dental Association estimates that 1 in 92 adults will develop oral or… Read more »

4 Dental Treatments That Will Give You Your Dream Smile

If you find yourself daydreaming about a straight, bright, and beautiful smile this Christmas, we are thrilled to tell you that you can turn that dream into a reality! With the help of Dr. and our team at , you will have your perfect smile in no time. Some of the dental treatments we offer… Read more »

Trying to Find the Perfect Dentist? This is What You Should Be Looking for

It’s important to find a dentist who works well with the dynamics of your family. There’s nothing worse than to go to the dentist scared to death about what he or she is going to do to your mouth. So, to help you find a dentist you love and accept, we recommend looking for one… Read more »

The Benefits of Plaque Discoloring Agents

What can you do to keep your teeth clean? How can you protect your smile from plaque? If you thought of brushing and flossing your teeth, you’re right. But—aside from visiting your dentist once every six months—what else can you do? While there are other things you may try, such as a tongue scraper or… Read more »

Basic Tips for Maintaining Your Dental Crown

A crown represents a significant investment in dental form and functionality. If your crown is properly cared for, it has the potential to last for many years to come. It’s important to keep in mind that while a crown is not subject to tooth decay like natural teeth, it still does require regular brushing and… Read more »

Understanding the Difference Between Invisalign® and Traditional Braces

Braces in any form can be costly and a life-altering investment in our life. That is why it is so important to understand the difference between Invisalign® and traditional braces. Traditional Braces Traditional braces are very effective when it comes to moving your teeth into their proper positions. They also treat a wide variety of… Read more »

When to Replace Your Veneers

As you may know, dental veneers are thin shells designed to erase small gaps, brighten teeth, and to enhance the appearance of smiles in general. If you would like to enhance the appearance of your smile, we recommend dental veneers: if you’ve already had veneers, we hope you are enjoying your smile. But, whether you… Read more »

Oral Care for Kids

Would you like to know if you’re doing everything you possibly can for your child’s smile? If so, we are happy to help you! If you do the following four things, you are on the right track: Bring your child in for their first visit It is strongly recommended that you bring your child into… Read more »

Should I Schedule A Dental Appointment?

We understand that visiting a dentist is an extremely important part of protecting your smile. But, do you know when you should visit your dentist? Clearly, if you have a sever toothache or crack a tooth, you should visit a dentist. But, what other events justify scheduling an appointment? Here are a few: Pregnancy: When… Read more »