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Eating disorders harm you in more ways than you might realize, even though they might seem beneficial when it comes to losing weight. In fact, eating disorders completely destroy your body as well as your oral health. This is why it’s strongly encouraged to quit your eating disorder right away. It’s best to take care of your body and smile—not damage it. Until you take care of the disorder, it’s important to take care of your smile. To help you do so, Dr. Joan M. Jupina and our dental team have some information we encourage you to use regularly.

First, frequently clean your smile and keep up on oral hygiene. Make sure you brush your chompers every morning and every night, floss your teeth once a day, and rinse your mouth daily. While you do these things, please use a soft-bristled toothbrush, fluoride toothpaste, a flossing product of your choice, and antibacterial mouthwash.

Second, rinse your mouth. After throwing up, even though it might be tempting, please do not brush your teeth. Brushing will only further erode the enamel. Instead, rinse your mouth with baking soda to neutralize the effects of the acid in the bile.

Third, visit Dr. Joan M. Jupina and our dental team. This is vital for your oral health and smile. If you don’t, there is a high chance you’ll suffer enamel erosion and tooth decay. So, make sure you receive a dental cleaning and checkup at least every six months. If necessary, visit Dr. Joan M. Jupina more.

If you do these things now, it’ll help you return to the strong and successful oral health you deserve once you eliminate your eating disorder in Hayward, California. Do you have questions about these tips? If so, please don’t hesitate to give Jupina Dental a call at 510.783.1414. When you call our office, our dental team will be happy to help you.