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You can keep your smile healthy as the years pass by practicing proper dental care every single day and avoiding harmful dental habits. If you are wondering how you can maintain your smile for a lifetime, we invite you to try these tips to hold back the years on your smile:

– Use a shred-resistant dental floss or water flosser every day to remove plaque from your smile.

– Brush twice a day with a manual or electric toothbrush, and feel free to ask the dentist if switching to an electric toothbrush can help prevent your smile from suffering from the effects of arthritis.

– Show your dentures proper care if you have them by cleaning them like natural teeth and removing them every night.

– Limit unhealthy foods in your diet, as well as hard and risky foods that can harm your teeth.

– Desist from dangerous dental habits that jeopardize your smile, including drinking, smoking, chewing tobacco, using drugs, and eating poorly

– Contact Jupina Dental to schedule an appointment if you have any concerns about your smile.

You are welcome to call 510.783.1414 today to learn more about caring for your smile in Hayward, California, and to schedule an appointment with our dentist, Dr. Joan M. Jupina.