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There may come a day when you need root canal therapy because of an injured or decayed tooth that has allowed the tooth pulp to become infected. An infected tooth that is left untreated can lead to the death of the pulp and eventual loss of the tooth. Many patients have questions about root canal therapy, and we are pleased to provide answers to some of the common inquiries.

Q: Is root canal therapy painful?
A: The process of a root canal is intended to relieve pain, and thanks to advanced dental tools and anesthesia, it feels much like having a filling placed.

Q: What are some signs of an infected tooth?
A: Tooth infection can manifest as a toothache, swollen gums, swelling in the face and neck, visible hole in the tooth, or tooth sensitivity.

Q: Why do I need a root canal?
A: The requirement for a root canal usually arises from inflamed or infected tooth pulp, deep decay in the center of a tooth, fracture, or repeated dental treatment on a tooth.

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