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If your tooth is aching, inflamed, or infected but you’re afraid of getting a root-canal procedure, you shouldn’t worry. Root canals performed by expert dentists like Hayward, California’s Dr. Joan Jupina are a pain-free way to get relief while preserving your tooth, your health, and your smile. If you live in the Castro Bay Area, contact Dr. Jupina at Jupina Dental by using the convenient online form, or book a root-canal consultation by calling her helpful team.

Root Canals Q & A

What is a root canal?

“Root canal” is the common term for root canal therapy, which Dr. Jupina performs to remove infected material from your tooth’s pulp.

The pulp is nerve- and vessel-rich tissue that forms the inner core of your tooth and travels down your tooth’s root canals. The root canals are long, narrow channels that run through the center of each root.

When these canals become infected, the infection can spread to other teeth, or even to other parts of your body, and create a systemic infection. That’s why you should call the Jupina Dental team as soon as you have an aching or decayed tooth.

How does tooth pulp become infected?

Your pulp can become infected when the protective enamel that coats your tooth is broken, cracked, or damaged.

If you don’t take proper care of your teeth, the bacteria in your food mixes with the acid in your mouth to create tiny holes — known as cavities — in your enamel. Bacteria can pass through the cavities to infect your tender, nerve-rich pulp.

Why should I get a root canal?

Root-canal therapy cleans out the infection and preserves your tooth, so you don’t have to have it pulled. The Jupina Dental team always prefers to leave your natural tooth in place, because it exerts healthy pressure on your jaw and keeps your other teeth in alignment.

What happens during a root canal?

Before your root canal therapy, a Jupina Dental team member numbs the treatment area with a local anesthetic, ensuring that you’ll be comfortable during your procedure. Dr. Jupina then removes all of the infected tissue.

After cleaning out and reshaping your root canals, she’ll fill and stabilize the canals and the pulp area with a rubber-like filling. She’ll then seal the tooth with a composite filling.

If the composite filling doesn’t adequately repair your damaged tooth, Dr. Jupina will send an impression of the tooth to a dental lab. The lab will then create a custom-made full or partial crown to cap and protect your tooth. During a follow-up appointment, Dr. Jupina will fit and cement your crown in place.

Don’t risk tooth loss or systemic infection by ignoring an aching tooth. Call the professional team at Jupina Dental to schedule root-canal therapy, or book an appointment online.