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What can you do to keep your teeth clean? How can you protect your smile from plaque? If you thought of brushing and flossing your teeth, you’re right. But—aside from visiting your dentist once every six months—what else can you do?

While there are other things you may try, such as a tongue scraper or mouthwash, you may also want to consider a plaque discoloring agent.

Plaque discoloring agents are very useful because they will literally change the color of plaque, letting you clearly see areas you should clean more thoroughly. Please don’t misunderstand:  a disclosing agent will not remove plaque. Instead, you should brush and floss your teeth as normal, then use the disclosing agent, and finally clean any remaining plaque.

Fortunately, plaque disclosing agents come in many forms. For example, plaque discoloring agents can be tablets, a swab, a solution, or even dental floss.  Whether you are at risk for gum disease or just interested in having a cleaner smile, please speak with your dentist to learn if a plaque discoloring agent is right for you.

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